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Mr Singh Senior, wearing a traditional Sikh handkerchief to cover his head, and his wife, Amrit, were both brought down from their suite in wheelchairs and seated next to a doctor in charge of their care before the session began this morning.

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The following weekend, another wedding in Coventry only managed to go ahead after some negotiations with the disrupters.

In each case, the bride was a Sikh woman and the groom a non-Sikh man.

He also said that Jasminder was not being truthful when he said not recall being told by his parents or family members that they were regarded as living as a 'joint Hindu family' in the sense that it was understood and agreed that all of the property which any of them acquired in their lifetime was to be held as Joint Family Property.

After lawyers said that the older Mr Singh, who claims he is entitled to a third of the family wealth under Sikh and Hindu tradition, was too ill to travel to the High Court in London's Fleet Street, the unusual decision was taken for his evidence to be heard in a conference room at the May Fair hotel, part of his son's hotel empire.

Dr Takhar added: “The Sikh parents we interviewed appeared to be quite accepting of online dating as their children were happy for them to monitor their activity, and the parents could see their children were a lot happier making their own minds up.

"My friend Sarah is white and we're both around the same age and single," she says.

"But the difference is I want to find someone of the same faith, so I have a much smaller choice of men." It's not just religion that Samina has to contend with.

Many young British Asian women, be they Muslim, Sikh or Hindu, are struggling to find a life partner.

Alongside their white peers they have delayed marriage, putting education and careers first.

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